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“The deeper the roots, the higher the tree can grow”

This is certainly true when it comes to D & M Tree Service. In high school, when most kids are only thinking ahead a few hours of their lives, David S. Jozefiak was already creating the vision for what was to become D & M Tree Service. Over 30 years later, D & M Tree Service has grown into one of the best in the business.

David was so young when he started D & M that his parents, who believed in the passion and talent of their son, had to be the owners, on paper anyway. Once he graduated high school, he could get the company in his own name. He has not looked back since. His brother Joshua joined him shortly after, and together they have built D & M to be the successful company it is today.



D & M Tree Service has had a reputation of being dependable, reliable and professional for over 30 years. They earned this reputation by the consistent high quality of their work, their impeccable customer service and their integrity. As David says “Our Performance Speaks”. Your calls will be answered promptly, in a professional manner. Call us about any of our services and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for the work.

The D&M team were super helpful and speedy with my tree removal. They had a tough task doing our removal due to yard configuration but completed the job well. We will use them for future tree needs and the office staff was great answering any and all questions we had.

Holly W.

Our Equipment

All of our equipment is best, state-of-the art equipment for each job. Whether it is our crane lift, aerial platform or the best stump grinding equipment available, all of our equipment is annual inspected and up to date for safety certifications.

Just as important as having the right tools for the job is to have a crew of motivated men that are regularly trained on the optimal use of the equipment. All of our crew have regular training on all of the equipment.

What We Do

Complete Tree Removal

We are a fully licensed and insured company that is experienced in all aspects of tree removal. We have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done safely and correctly. Don’t risk your health or property! We offer free estimates and can respond to emergencies around the clock. Let us help you consider your options and choose the best one for you.

Tree Trimming

We offer high quality tree trimming services. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to do your job correctly and safely. Don’t risk your health or the health of your tree. We offer free estimates and emergency response 24-7. Not sure if you need tree removal or tree trimming? Let us help you make the right decision.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an effective way of removing a stump on your property. The stump can be ground up to twenty four inches in depth. Usually stump is ground six to eight inches below the grade. D & M has a stumper that is safe for any area of your property.

reasons to cut a tree

  • The tree is dead
  • Annoying seeds/sticks/sap
  • Declining health
  • Leaning towards your property
  • Lot clearing
  • Storm damage
  • Too close to property
  • Blocking view
  • Protruding roots
  • Insects
  • Safety threats
  • You just don’t want a tree in that spot!

If you have a tree that shows any of these signs, please give us a call.

  • Dead Branches
  • Infestation
  • Visible cracks along the base
  • Hollow areas
  • Mushrooms/Fungus
  • Wilted leaves
  • Unatural damage

Seasoned Firewood

D & M is high producer of quality seasoned firewood. All firewood logs are moisture metered to insure moisture levels are below 22 percent. At D & M we can custom order your firewood to the length that fits your needs. Our standard split size is 16 inches. For the Do It Yourself customer D & M also carries and delivers firewood logs, outdoor boiler logs and split campfire wood. Same day delivery available.

D&M Dumpsters


D & M Dumpster offers driveway safe dumpster to your location. All dumpster are rubber tired units. We offer sizes from 10-20-30 yard capacity. From home remodeling to roofing or just cleaning out your basement, we have a dumpster to fit your needs. Same day delivery is available. Special 3 day weekend rental.

7-10 Days Rental | 2-8 Ton Capacity

Landscape Materials

D & M Services offers a wide variety of landscaping material as well as delivery or pick up of materials. Call for pricing and availability.

  • Topsoil
  • Sand
  • Mulch
  • Peastone
  • Driveway Gravel