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D & M is a producer of high quality, seasoned firewood. All firewood logs are moisture metered to insure moisture levels are below 22 percent.  Our standard split size is 16″ inches. For the Do-It-Yourself customer, D & M also carries and delivers firewood logs, outdoor boiler logs and split campfire wood. Purchase and pay online.

* Moisture level may vary due to environmental changes

Note: Fully seasoned firewood is currently available, but in limited supply.

Seasoned Firewood

When you are looking for firewood, we always recommend that you look for seasoned firewood. There is a big difference between seasoned firewood and unseasoned firewood.  At D & M Firewood, we actually measure the moisture in all of our firewood logs, and make sure the moisture level is below 22 percent before we give it our stamp of approval and verify that it ready to sell. Seasoning firewood is a natural process that takes time.

Having dry, seasoned firewood is vital to easily creating that mesmerizing, roaring fire that families gather around at the campground. Seasoned firewood burns hotter, and lights easier than wet, unseasoned wood.

Unseasoned wood is difficult to burn, and creates a lot of smoke caused by the burning off of the excess moisture. In addition, burning wet firewood with high moisture content in a fireplace could cause a safety hazard. Burning unseasoned wood can increase in the amount of creosote released. This can build up in the chimney, potential creating a fire hazard.

We purchase seasoned logs and process them into our standard size 16 inch pieces. The wood must then be stored off the ground, stacked in a precise way to allow for constant and consistent air circulation, and not exposed to the elements. 


Is delivery available?

We have campfire wood or seasoned firewood available for pickup anytime. We are happy to deliver to you as well. If you’re not sure if you are in our delivery area, we have a custom delivery calculator that will tell you the exact delivery charge, and if your location is within our delivery area.

If you are in a hurry, we even have same-day delivery available.