There is nothing like the smell of an open wood fire. Whether it’s in your fireplace, furnace or campfire, there is a great feeling of being self-reliant and self-sufficient, and a nostalgic comfort that comes from gathering around a fire with friends and family. If you are wondering where to get the best firewood at reasonable prices, look no further. 


When you are looking for firewood, we always recommend that you look for seasoned firewood. There is a big difference between seasoned firewood and unseasoned firewood. The variance is in the moisture level in the wood. At D & M Firewood, we actually measure the moisture in all of our firewood logs, and make sure the moisture level is below 22 percent before we give it our stamp of approval and verify that it ready to sell. Seasoning firewood is a natural process that takes time, and more than a little knowledge and experience.


At D & M you can custom order your firewood to a length that fits your needs. Our standard split size is 16″ inches. For the Do-It-Yourself customer, D & M also carries and delivers firewood logs, outdoor boiler logs and split campfire wood.